David & Ana Maria

This week sees me part of a wedding that has really been an honour to be asked to be part of.

When Ana Maria got in touch I hadn’t spoken or seen her since we were at school lets not go there how long ago that was. To be part of her and David’s day means so much to me and to catch up with a few school chums on the day. Always a photo opportunity.

Even when I was at school photography art and music was a real passion. So pleased all three are all still as important now as they were then and to be in my fourth year of Simon Watson Photography.

Wedding photography was a distant dream for me let alone all the other brilliant photography shoots I’ve been part of while building the business up in North Norfolk.

I am really excited to be back at The Norfolk Mead to celebrate David and Ana Maria’s day which always holds many happy memories when Tracey and myself got married there.

Here are just a few highlights from their wedding pre-shoot

Can’t wait guys going to be an awesome day with you all.

If looking for your wedding photographer, I would love to hear about your wedding day plans over a coffee and to show you some of the lovely weddings I’ve been part of.